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Kent was up for about five minutes this morning when he started proclaiming, "K love Grandma Grandpa." Throughout the day, as I talked to him about the people he loves and who love him, he said, "K love GranDebbie Bapa," "K love Patti Celia," and there was some iteration of proclaiming his affection for us, his parents. He also elaborated by telling me, "Patti Celia have feet," and "Mommy has feet." This is definitely a kid who processes and labels things out loud, I tell ya. Out LOUD.

I hadn't thought before today about the fact that "and" isn't in his vocabulary yet. Kind of interesting. He just smashes nouns together like he's a German speaker or something.

We say a blessing at dinner every night, and at other meals if we're all sitting together, and it's usually just a quick thanks for the people who love us, the food on the table, the other gifts God has given us, etc. Kent usually pipes up with "zoo," apparently wanting God to know that he's thankful for the zoo. We haven't been to a zoo in months, but we're going to the Audubon Zoo in NOLA tomorrow with some of our friends — despite the heat, I'm really looking forward to it. They have an endangered species carousel like the one at the NC Zoo, a petting zoo, a big Louisiana swamp habitat, and the other usual zoo necessaries like flamingos, elephants, giraffes, lions, and the like. My camera battery is charged, the snacks and diaper bag are packed, and all that's left is getting some sleep before we hit the road.

Oh, and I'm making waffles in the morning. Foolhardy for more than one reason. I got in a mood today and pulled the waffle iron out for the first time since the Sticking Waffles Debaucle of Aught Four, read about seasoning on the internet, and did just what the nice website told me to do. Please, oh please, let this work. My shame in myself as a cook and my failings as the daughter of someone who once made great waffles will be soooo much worse if Kent knows he's supposed to get waffles for breakfast and then can't eat them because they're terrible and are stuck to the iron.

Sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself.

Hey wait, this started out as a post about Kent's language development. <waving hands around in a magical way so you don't remember that fact>

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Have a really fun time "and" I hope the waffles were a success. Grandma...give those boys a hug for me and remind them to hug you back for me.
I hope you enjoy the zoo. We just went to the NC zoo last Friday. It was Emily's first trip. Loads of fun. And you're right. Better make sure that bag is packed with wipes and snacks.
Glad I checked the tags on that post. I don't recall your mom ever making waffles on a real waffle iron. I was about to file a complaint with the WSM bureau. Isn't it fun to serve things that our dads served? I tried hominy with dinner tonight. It didn't go over as well as I had hoped. I should stick with his meatloaf recipe.
Zoo pics or video of "K see zeeeeeee-bra", please?
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