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I decided this weekend that I really wanted to watch a movie with Jack after Kent went to bed. We almost never do this, since we stay awake for about two hours after he goes to bed, and there are always chores, emailing, etc., to catch up on. Last night, though, we permitted ourselves the luxury and rented Rachel Getting Married. I love Anne Hathaway and have been dying to see her in more films that aren't princess-y — I've enjoyed every performance of hers that I've seen, especially her fabulously subtle one in Brokeback Mountain.

She so rocked the character of Kym in Rachel Getting Married. And the screenplay was brilliant in the way it unfolded, revealing little pieces of this family's story a bit at a time in very interesting ways. It was heartbreaking in places, but it managed to end with a surprising sense of optimism and peace. It's cathartic, and I would imagine that it would speak even more deeply and loudly to an addict who has been through the experience of leaving rehab and trying to atone for the past with people s/he loves.

I felt a little overwhelmed by the "we're SUCH a joyous, global, and multi-ethnic group of people, let's celebrate every culture on the planet" thing that was such a huge part of the wedding festivities (a bunch of white girls in Indian saris?), but it did serve to place Kym's isolation in an even stronger light, especially the times she brought the celebrating to a screeching halt.

I think I'm going to watch it again before it's due back to the store. What a fulfilling, well composed film. I can't wait to see what Hathaway does next. Anyone seem Becoming Jane? Should I look for that now?




I liked Becoming Jane... but I'm a literature nut, sooo...
That actually helps a lot. I'm a lit person, too (English majors unite!), so knowing that a fan of Austen liked the movie makes me want to see it more. =)
Yes (believe it or not) I saw "Becoming Jane"! (It was on a plane flight.) I highly recommend it (and I'm NOT a literature nut)!
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