Okay, now you finally get to see why we love the Sprayground at Jambalaya Park (in Gonzales) so much. Video and pictures from my real camera, instead of my phone. Proof of its awesomeness. Kent currently calls it the "sray-plah." I don't know where all those consonants come from, honestly, but it's very cute, just like all of his speech these days.

I think we've been four times in the last couple of weeks, sure to be repeated throughout the summer. I just need to get stronger sunscreen, because the sun is very unforgiving of my SPF 15 down here.

In case you can't tell, Kent is yelling, "K run away, run away, run away!" while he scurries to and fro. He does a lot of this ridiculous behavior at home, too.

Kent clutches his trusty Nemo bucket

This is the big thingy in the middle of the sprayground that dumps water as the cones fill up, one by one. You can tell the hard core kids, because they're the ones standing under it, just waiting to get soaked.

Here's our friend Gregory, holding someone else's water gun.

Kent hands Gregory's Pooh bucket back to Gregory's mom. What a good helper.

And here's some splashing fun — this is Kent's favorite feature, the yellow ball that sprays water. Kids are often climbing all over it, but it's just the right height for Kent to enjoy from the ground.

Below, you can observe Kent's many moods, all in the course of a minute or two. Sorry, I couldn't pick just one. I love the way he and Gregory interact and watch each other.

This is one of those days when I think, why in the world would I *not* want to be with him all day? Sun, water, and my little boy. It doesn't get much better.

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can't. wait.
I had to read the Pooh bucket part twice. It just wasn't right on the first pass - what a strange water park that would be. Anywho - looks like a lot of fun!
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