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Our first glimpse of Beta at this morning's ultrasound. What a fun day. We got to hear the heartbeat and see the tiny fluttering muscle, and then the tech zoomed in on various things to measure and check out all the bits. Everything is completely normal so far, exactly the right size for this point and confirming my calculated due date of February 6 (go, Fertility Awareness!). In case you're not an early ultrasound pro, the baby is facing downward, so the biggest part at the bottom is the head, and the round blob over on the right is the yolk sac. Sort of looks like a baby if you hold your head just right. Kent came along and sat in Jack's lap, though I'm quickly becoming aware of the fact that I won't be able to take him along on every appointment if Jack isn't able to go. I think he'll be spending some quality time with friends so that he doesn't try to climb all over me and whine obsessively while I'm being examined.

Our first appointment with one of the midwives (Colleen) was yesterday, rescheduled from last Thursday when they had a couple of deliveries, and it was awesome. Amazingly different from an appointment with my OB, completely confirming my choice to switch primary care providers for this pregnancy. Colleen was conversational but obviously very experienced, and she even tried to come up with things to help entertain Kent (not an easy task). We'll probably see each of the three midwives throughout the pregnancy, just so I'm comfortable with whoever is on call the day I deliver. There are a couple of doctors who work with them at the hospital if there are complications, so I might try to meet with a doctor at some point, though I haven't decided whether I think that's necessary.

I felt so happy after our appointments yesterday and today, since we know everything is great so far and have gotten to catch a peek at our little one. I'm feeling like kind of a lousy mom to Kent right now, though, since I'm tired all the time and my patience doesn't go very far. He seems to be extra clingy, probably sensing my pulling away, so I'm very, very tired, both emotionally and physically. He didn't take a nap today, which only happens once in a great while, so he and I were both pretty sick of each other by the time Jack got home this evening. I'm really looking forward to the second trimester, which will thankfully come right around the time the weather starts to cool down, when he and I can actually do fun things together again.

I have just decided that I am in serious need of some Life cereal, comfort food from weekends spent at my dad's house when I was a kid. I made a sort of alfredo pasta thingy with asparagus tonight, but it's not sitting so well in my tummy. Jack is going out after he gets Kent to bed so that he can buy my car a new battery (oh, that was an extra-fun part of our very hot day, too), so I'm going to rub my belly to remind him of his impending progeny while I sweetly ask him to go to the grocery store on the way home. He's pretty good at taking care of me, so I bet he'll do it.

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So exciting to see a picture already! I only had the one done at 20 weeks... And I am so glad you liked the midwife! Good luck with your patience!
Nice! I think you got so many comments on facebook, that's probably why there aren't many here. That's great that you have people there who can watch Kent while you go to your appointments. I hope you feel better soon. I *love* Life cereal too. It's good with cinnamon on it too (not cinnamon Life - that's not cinnamony enough - try it with cinnamon sprinkled on top).

Your increasingly word-like word verifications are cracking me up. Mine is "ovicta" which I think has something to do with ovulation, but I'm drawing a blank for specifics. :-)
Just keep hugging him and reminding him that you will always love him the same....that never ever changes.
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