It's seeping in

Kent is absorbing a serious love of baseball from his father.

We have this little TV in our bedroom that we usually just keep on the Weather Channel; I turn it on for a couple of minutes when I get out of the shower to figure out how to prepare for the day (i.e., is it going to be hot, super-hot, or deadly??), and then it stays off for the rest of the day. Kent has figured out that he can push any button on the front of it to turn it on, and he's starting to learn which buttons control the channels. He occasionally adjusts the channel a few clicks in one direction or the other, so we'll suddenly be watching a station with local announcements and traffic, or an evangelical church service, or something equally odd. He actually found a symphony concert last week and was totally mesmerized by the different instruments, so we sat on the bed and watched it until the piece was over, at which point he said, of course, "more!"

He ran down the hall after dinner just now, turned on the TV, and after about 20 seconds, he suddenly yelled, "K watch BASEBALL GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!"

I guess he just stood in front of the TV (which is up on my dresser, and he can barely reach it anyway) and scrolled through the channels all the way from 22 up to 35 to find ESPN. He's already channel surfing — I'm thrilled to pieces that he doesn't know how to use the remote yet.

I'm also cracking up that he stopped on a baseball game this time. We invited him to watch the same game with us in the living room instead. Jack was probably thinking, "Yeah, kid, twist my arm and I'll watch a baseball game with you." Kent was totally pumped, and after Jack turned on the TV, Kent yelled, "K watch baseball game TEEEEEEE-VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Just wait until he can swing a bat. Maybe next summer. The summer after that, we'll teach him about keeping stats, just in case he's like his father and turns out to be more mathematically inclined than athletic.

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Jack learned to love baseball at Grandma Sissie's house. She would turn on the game to entertain Jack and go to sleep. I think she thought that Jack would nap too...but he was all about the game, the guys swinging the bat and running. Maybe we could see part of a game in Baltimore...
I'll bet me takes the tv apart after watching the game!

Secret word of the day is 'cative' which in English means Cat like I guess.
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