Birthday photos

Uncle Mark reminded me that I had been remiss in posting pics from Kent's birthday party, so here's the Picasa album of photos that my friend Mary took at the party. We didn't have our camera, so it was all her responsibility! Sorry it took me so long to post these, but they're here now for you to enjoy.

Reading email and doing online banking are my priorities during my very short computer time each day, before my stomach starts doing flip-flops, so I don't always get around to doing much else like blogging, photo downloading, facebook perusing, or even responding to all those emails. There are many emails that I haven't responded to yet; if you're one of the souls who has sent me an email that needs a reply (like Zack's email from a month ago — I'm sorry!!), and I haven't replied, it's because I'm pregnant, not because I don't like you. I'm so ready to be out of this stage. I had a fairly good weekend and even wanted to go eat Indian food for lunch yesterday, but I'm back to feeling funky today. I'm at 11.5 weeks right now, so I hope the sickies will be over soon. Lots of hope.

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Great photos, thanks for sharing! I hope you feel better soon.
Hey gal, just found these tonight. Love you much...and love the description of the watermelon and budda belly. Have I shared Jack's earphones and budda belly picture with you?
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