That's quite a transformation

I get lots of giggles at watching closed-captioning, especially of live things like news and sports broadcasts, when the typist often seems to be listening with half of one ear and typing words that bear some phonetic resemblance but no shared meaning to the word that was said.

While I was watching CNN on Friday, I saw a quote that I'm sure bore a typo or an omission of some sort. See for yourself.

"Our African-American president will soon be a Latina Supreme Court judge."


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So, I wonder this a lot when I'm in the pulpit. Especially now, when I don't always have a trusted friend or family member in the audience. How often do I say things that make absolutely no sense. Because the commentator could have said that. I once said something about God loving the bad. I quickly corrected, but it happens. I wonder all the giggles people would get from my sermons....
Too funny! :-)
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