Things I'm thinking about tonight

  1. A fun playdate with Noah today and some much-needed relief for his mom Sunny, who's dealing with many frustrating aspects of her husband's care and legal situation after he was hit on his bicycle by a Suburban two weeks ago.
  2. The fact that I slept 12 hours last night; I fell asleep right after dinner and completely slept through Kent's bedtime routine, including the two books that Jack read to him in the bed right next to me.
  3. How good it feels to cook breakfast again: bacon, eggs, and cheese on a croissant will be gracing my tummy several times this week.
  4. The reinstitution of the nightly Dessert and TV ritual after Kent goes to bed, which had taken a few months off when I either didn't want dessert or just didn't want to stay up.
  5. The red bootie on my knitting needles, which is the first thing I've sat down to make for Beta.
  6. Lost. Jack has been geeking out, following everything that happened at Comic-Con, and can't keep himself from telling me all about it so that I will be as geeky as he is.
  7. The Office. I can't wait for it to come back in September so that Pam and I can be pregnant together.
  8. The way Kent looked today with watermelon juice dripping all over him. He doesn't like to be messy (e.g., he always wants to wash his hands after he colors with markers), so he insisted on taking off his shirt after it started to get wet, then wanted a bib so the juice didn't keep running down his little Buddha belly. Slurping watermelon, wearing nothing but a bright yellow diaper and a plastic bib. That kid just gets cuter and cuter.
  9. Missing peaceful solitude a little bit. I might be starting prenatal yoga this weekend.
  10. The fact that I never made it down to Florida to meet Jerry, Jack's step-grandfather, who passed away tonight, and the fact that his kids (not Jack's dad, but Jerry's birth kids) don't seem to care too much.
  11. Love, compassion, forgiveness, hugs, and sharing. All the good stuff we need more of.

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I was actually thinking about LOST and The Office tonight. I can't wait until they come back. You should tell Jack he can geek out about LOST on his blog so I can read it.
I've been thinking of you!!! And pregnancy and beta and kent of course. And SEPTEMBER!!!
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