Timing is everything

I needed to go visit my OB's office today to pick up a copy of my latest Pap smear report for the midwife, so Kent got to visit the hospital where he was born for a little while. We didn't see the doc because her nurse had everything ready for me to pick up, but I did show Kent pictures of her delivering other babies on their bulletin board and told him that the day he was born was just like that. Pretty fun, since we've been talking a lot about babies lately and what it's going to be like when our baby is born in February.

Most of the OBs in that practice are on the 5th floor, and we were riding the elevator with several other people going to various appointments. The elevator stopped on the 4th floor to let someone off, and then the lights flickered and the elevator shut down. The power was out. I can't express how happy I was that (1) we weren't stuck between floors, and (2) we had made it all the way to the 4th floor before the power shut off instead of me having to carry my two-year-old (who's not very fast with stairs yet) up four flights of stairs in my current state. Most of the lights came back on quickly, and we got to the nurse's office to pick up my paperwork, but the elevator was still out of service when we were done. That was fine for me — carrying Kent down four flights was easy enough — but I felt really sorry for all the people we met on the stairs who had just arrived for their appointments. Discomfort = being 7 or 8 months pregnant and trucking up four flights of stairs with your family for a prenatal appointment, or having just given birth and carrying your infant up four flights of stairs in your just-given-birth exhausted body for a postnatal follow-up.

I'm really excited about the midwives at the new office we've chosen for this pregnancy, but I still felt a pang of nostalgia at seeing my OB's nurse again and remembering all my prenatal appointments with them. It's funny to me that I feel guilty for switching primary care providers, when it's a decision that's totally up to me and shouldn't offend my OB, but I still haven't told her that I'm pregnant but not coming to see her this time. Coward.

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