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Okay, someone sent us some books from Amazon, and I'm guessing it was one of you people. The box contained two sewing books for me, and a book about the ocean from Kent's wishlist. There wasn't a packing slip, though, so we have no idea who sent them. Speak up!!




Tee Hee...I bet they split up Kent's books. I bet the message is on the packing slip with the other one. It's great to read that you're happy and maybe feeling a baby sewing urge.
I've also found that if you order through Amazon from a 3rd-party vendor, they usually don't give you the option of adding a gift message. I've had to track down some donors of anonymous gifts, myself.
Maybe you should see if Debbie C recently received an anonymous or surprise gift. That would be weird if she did, right?
I DID (for my birthday), from C&C (who had also sent an anonymous book at Christmas). Another set arrived recently, and I presume that it came from the person who had very recently mentioned that a couple of books were on their way. But I've been remiss in thanking her for them, so I'll get right on that. ;-)
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