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Our day has been pretty good, considering I've been feeling kind of lousy since we got home, and Kent is on Training Pants: Day 2.

I killed a roach in the kitchen this morning. There's a possibility that it was already dead, but Celia was tossing it around like a piece of yarn, so I didn't get a really good look at it and figured I just wouldn't take any chances. I grabbed one of Jack's shoes (because it creeps me out to use one of *my* shoes), squashed the bug, then pulled the trash can over on top of it so I wouldn't have to look at it. I am totally a little girl when it comes to killing and cleaning up bugs.

Kent and I had a nice visit to the Thursday farmers market this morning, a smaller offshoot of the Saturday market that we usually visit as a family. We scored okra and peaches (necessities while they're in season), some fresh artisan bread, and a little chocolate pecan pie, Kent's favorite. I got $1 in change back from the peach people, so I handed it to Kent and asked if he wanted to go buy a little pie. He could not have run faster or in a more excited manner over to the pie table, and he could not have been prouder of himself when we picked out a pie and he handed "his" dollar over to the guy behind the table. Hilarious. Of course, he thought we were going to eat it immediately, so it took some time to convince him that we needed to wait to share it with Daddy tonight.

He's only had a couple of small accidents so far today, nothing like the gushes of yesterday that ended up all over the floor, but I don't know if that's coincidence or real learning taking place. We had a chat this morning about saving all of his peepees for the potty, since he seems to be peeing just a bit in his training pants and then waiting to have the rest whenever I set him on the potty the next time. Taking a cue from one of my friends in town, I'm setting a timer that goes off every hour, and he's already learned to run to the potty when he hears it beeping. We also go if we're about to get in the car or if I see him starting to make the ubiquitous Pooping Face, and he's becoming less resistant about pooping on the potty these days, so I'm encouraged.

He's taking a nap now, making two days in a row that he's fallen asleep IN HIS CRIB instead of in the car, which we've had to do nearly every day since he weaned back in June. I think we've reached a turning point here; traveling must have reset his ability to fall asleep somehow. Anyway, since he's napping, I'm doing laundry. Yesterday, we only made it to about 10:30 a.m. before I had to wash all 7 pairs of training pants and put him in a Fuzzi Bun without the liner, but today, he made it to naptime (about 12:30) wearing his second-to-last pair, and I'm washing the rest now while I have some down time. We're doing two small loads of laundry per day right now, but I know it won't always be that way. It beats the heck out of buying Pull-Ups, which would sort of let him feel when he's wet but don't have quite the same effect of getting his pants soaked if he pees in them. I think he'll learn much faster in the cloth ones we have (some Gerber, which I had to mail order because stores don't carry the 18-month size for my skinny boy, and some Imse Vimse in the adorable jungle print). The bare-bottom approach is also in my mind as an alternative if this doesn't seem to be working, though the transition from a toddler's constant nudity to actually having to get dressed and not pee in one's underwear seems to be something of a hindrance to progress, from what I hear. Hard to say, though. I really have no long-term plan right now; I'd just love for him to be mostly accident-free by February, but I'm trying not to put too much pressure on Kent or on myself.

I am starting to feel isolated since we're sticking close to home and not going out for long stretches of time. While driving to the market today, I passed my friend Katie, the organizer of our AP group, and I really missed hanging out with her, her son Gregory, and all our other friends, whom we usually see a couple of times a week. There's a playdate tomorrow morning at another friend's house about half an hour away, and we may go even though it'll certainly mean lots of clothing changes. Getting out might be good, as would practicing at stopping to use the potty while he's playing with friends. Not that he'll stop on his own — maybe I'll take the timer with us. Ha.

In other news, I'm cleaning out the fridge today, which is no small feat in early pregnancy. The last couple of times it's needed doing, I had to delegate the job to Jack because I couldn't even stomach the idea of touching or looking closely at old food, but I'm doing okay with it today. Now, I'm going to eat lunch and enjoy the rest of my little boy's nap.

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You laugh about taking the timer, but I would sooooo do it. Emily started out doing well on the potty and then completely rejected it, so we have started the second round of potty training this week (how coincidental). She has some of the Gerber underwear, but when we run out, I just let her run around in a dress with a bare bottom. Maybe you should put Kent in a dress- ha ha. So far we have had no success. She spends large amounts of time sitting on the potty without doing anything, and then she'll get off and pee all over herself 2 minutes later.
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