New Jersey Trip: Day 1

Kent and I set out early in the morning last Thursday with a friend driving us to the airport, and the plane trip was, as usual, pretty easy. Kent makes it easy — he's always traveled pretty well. Jack's laptop helps, with Hello, Dolly! playing for almost the entire flight, and Continental even gave us something resembling lunch, a real treat in these days of airlines tightening their belts to the extreme. After we had to put away the laptop for our descent, Kent fell asleep in his seat, so as soon as we could unbuckle our seatbelts, I put him in my lap, and then the very nice family sharing a row with us carried most of our bags off the airplane for us. I love being surprised by the kindness of other air travelers.

Mom picked us up and took us back to her house, where Bill was working from home that day — it's so nice that he gets to do that! After we got settled, we went to the pet store for a little while to waste time while Mom got her allergy shot, and Kent ran around looking at all the fish, even getting lost from us at one point. I freaked out for just a minute, as did the store employee when I asked if she had seen a two-year-old walking around. She had someone run right to the door, which was just what she was supposed to do, and she, Bill, and I kept walking around looking for Kent. I found him a minute later with his hands on one of the fish tanks (probably looking for Nemo in the clownfish tank), but since this was the second time I've lost him in a store, we've been having more talks lately about him staying close by where he can see me and not running away. Scary stuff, that is.

Bill wanted to take us to a Kiwanis fundraiser for dinner, a steak-and-corn cookout by the lake. They had lots of steak, sausage and peppers, corn on the cob, and a delicious green salad with pecans, feta, and cranberries.

Kent ate an entire ear of corn but was easily distracted by throwing rocks in the lake and chasing the geese, so we took turns walking with him so that he didn't run right into the lake.

Note the hand on his shirt. What a good grandmother. I was even able to eat three ears of corn and lots of everything else because she was chasing him most of the time.

We got home late, and Kent went right to sleep, as did his tired mom. Happily, he slept all the way through the night; even though he did roll off the mattress onto the floor, he didn't seem to wake up. I only noticed that he was on the floor later on in the night when he was kicking the bed posts, still asleep. What a tired boy. I just love it when he sleeps all night.

Next up is Friday. I have three words for you: Cider doughnuts. Mmmmmm.

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