This morning, I am...

...amazed that I went to bed at 8 and slept almost 11 hours last night.

...thankful for espresso, even if it did take me two tries to brew it correctly (first time, there was no espresso in the pot so I just ended up with hot water).

...ready for fall and wondering when my friend's pumpkin patch is going to be ready. Her son's birthday is on Halloween, and his grandparents decided to grow pumpkins this year just so that he could have a pumpkin patch party for his first birthday. How fun is that?

...wondering how our road trip to NC in a couple of weeks is going to go with Kent in training pants. Pull Ups should get us through the long car days, and hopefully everyone we're staying with will be alright with me doing a bunch of laundry to wash the cloth training pants every day.

...blessed to be able to comfort my little boy when he smashes his thumb in the toilet lid and cries like it's the worst pain in the world.

...happily musing about Beta and can't wait for September 22, when we get to do the next ultrasound and find out whether it's a boy or a girl.

...amused at Kent's response when I asked him yesterday if he thought we were having a boy or a girl. He replied, "Baby." Can't argue with that. I guess that was all the speculation he was comfortable with.

...motivated to cook dinner but am in need of suggestions. Tacos, maybe. Or pasta with vegetables. I don't know — throw an idea out there for me, vegetarian-friendly please.

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baked mac and cheese with tomatoes and onion.... soo good....
I've been craving tacos, especially with all of our tomatoes coming in at once. I bought some of the new stand and fill shells and kit. Why didn't someone think of that years ago. I'm sure the Hispanics have been eating them for hundreds of years. Mama said wait until you and Kent are here. Like these tomatoes will last for fourteen days. LOL Gruncle Mark
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