It's a BOY!!!

Kent's guess was right! I think he would have been happy either way, since he doesn't really understand the implications of little brothers OR little sisters, but I know they're going to be thick as thieves in a couple of years. We're all really excited. Yes, I was hoping for a little girl as most of you know, but it's hard to be disappointed with anything but a perfectly healthy, active baby, which is exactly what we have. Colleen, our midwife, has two grown sons, and she talked to me a little about how at first she thought it was horribly unfair that she didn't have girls but how she learned to love it and knows that she was meant to have boys.

I told Kent in the car that he's the entire reason I'm excited to have another boy. When we found out Kent was a boy, I knew absolutely nothing about little boys and was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing. Now, I feel like we have the most amazing, loving, brilliant, and fun first child we ever could have hoped for, and I can't wait to see what his younger brother will be like.

His name is Dean Isaac, going by Dean. No funny middle name stuff this time, like we did with Kent... hehehe. Dean was giving us a goofy thumbs-up during the ultrasound, so I know he'll fit right in with our quirky little famiily, and we can't wait to meet him in February.

Kent has just learned to sit through an entire church service by whispering everything he needs and wants, from crayons to potty, so he was the model of good behavior and whispered the entire time we were in the ultrasound room too. He would just point at the screen from Jack's lap and whisper, "That's the BABY!" So cute, and so funny.

My friend Erin, who has a boy and is about to have a girl next month, believes very strongly that it's just as important for intelligent, strong women to have boys as it is for them to have girls — we could have given birth to a girl who'd run for president someday, but she'd also need a world full of men who are secure and sensitive enough to get her. I think Dean is the perfect addition to our growing family, perfect for us and perfect for Kent, and I'm trusting that we'll be the perfect parents for him as well.

And now, the photos...

Proof that he's a boy

A Dean foot

Here's his goofy thumbs-up, letting us know that everything is A-OK.

And here's a picture Jack took of me last night to show off my growing belly. My, how it's growing already.

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Congratulations on the healthy fetus! We can't wait to see him on the outside.

Is it okay if I point out your obvious Superman obsession? Clark KENT and DEAN Cain.

It's like the dad I knew who agreed to Logan because it was Wolverine's real name - his wife had no idea that was his reason for agreeing.
OMG my word verification for this post is "fartile." I'm not joking! It's like fertile but for farts, as perhaps your 2 little boys will reach a stage together where they will find farts mutually HILARIOUS. :-) You heard it here first, folks!

Anyway, congrats! I love love LOVE the thumbs up, that's awesome. I'm sending much love to you FOUR in Louisiana!
P.S. I'm curious, since both of Kent's names have family origins - where did you get Dean Issac? It's a beautiful name. I love the superman connections that Joanna pointed out too!
No family connection, and no intended Superman connection either. ;) It's funny, people often say when they find out Kent's name, "Oh, Kent, like Clark Kent?" and I think, "Um, no, like my dead dad's middle name..." it never occurred to me that people would think of Clark Kent or Dean Cain. Hehe.

We decided on Isaac as a middle name a while back, after learning that it means "laughter" in Hebrew, and Dean made the short list of names we both liked while we were perusing baby names a few weeks ago.
Clark Kent was always designed to be hunky. And why Dean Cain played the role so well. So maybe your boys will be hunks too. And like Lauren said, laugh mutually at farts. And that starts sooner than you think.
Zack will be thrilled that his name is still popular. Congratulations!

PS my word verification: conads. nuff said...
Erica, why do you look like a GAP model in that picture? As if you weren't expecting Jack to take a shot of you casually lifting up your shirt as you stare into the horizon?
Yeah, Gap model is exactly what I think when I look at that photo... [eye roll]. You're funny. =)
We are so excited and what a lovely mommy! Can hardly wait to hug all four of you. Mommy you look lovely in blue. I am perusing blogs for special pictures for Grammy and Grampy. I love the Kent pictures with Granny Vi.
Hey Erica, Zack here from Anne's account. As a proud bearer of the name Isaac, I'm giving you two thumbs up! On my twenty-sixth birthday, I asked my father about the name Isaac. Aside from the religious connections and laughter, he told me I was also named for Isaac, bartender on the Love Boat. Everybody loved him. Mysteriously, I grew up to be a sailor. Thanks Dad. ~Zack(Isaac)
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