Gratitude Friday

I just read Anilia's post about Gratitude Friday and thought, "Hey, I need to do one of those, too!"

Today, I'm grateful for...

I took apart some tissue boxes, and then Kent and I painted the "wrong" sides. After the paint dried, I glued them back together inside-out so that the painted side is on the outside, and now we have fun little boxes to hold some of Kent's treasures.

Kent seems to need two brushes to paint really effectively.

Aerial action shot of the artist at work

The finished boxes: Kent's on the left, and mine on the right. His focus was on getting as many huge globs of paint on the box as possible, even if they were right on top of each other, whereas my focus was on covering as much of the plain brown box as I could. I think I like his better, now that they're done. Lesson for today (which I sort of already knew but needed to be reminded of): let your kid paint the way he wants to, not the way you think he should, and he may actually teach you something. I'm grateful for that, too.

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What a great idea! And they did come out good. Isn't technology cool? Within minutes of the paint drying I can be an art critic...

[reellik is the word this time. Sounds good with a movie and/or ice cream]
What talent!
Very cool! I love the painting with 2 hands. Really, it's just more efficient! And, I saved these photos in the Kent folder for when I talk about child art in my Symbolic Thought class. :-)

My word is wolint, which must mean a special type of lint that results only from wool clothing. Given your love for words, sometime I think you should do a special post on the words people have commented on! I love the ones that seem like actual words, that you can think of hypothetical meanings for.
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