Pasta and Dean kicks

I made this wonderful pasta with roasted red pepper sauce the other night after coming home with a gorgeous basket of sweet peppers from the farmer's market. This photo is from the blog of the woman who wrote out the recipe, The Pioneer Woman, not from me — I actually didn't end up taking any pictures of my food this time! Her blog is really cool, and I love her high-res step-by-step photos of the dishes she makes. Visually inspiring, and her writing style is funny, sharp, and informative.

Jack and I loved the sauce, which has the bright orange hue of pimiento cheese (perfect for fall!) and tastes a bit sweet but complex. It's not something I'd want to eat every day or even every week, but it was a wonderful new recipe to add to our favorites. Our blender is pretty weak, so it didn't chop up the pine nuts very well and we ended up with crunchy bits in our sauce. I think I'll chop the nuts next time before adding them to the blender, because pine nuts in pasta can be really good, but this dish seems to warrant a smoother sauce.

I'd highly recommend trying this pasta with kids, and there are tons of fun shapes of pasta out there to experiment with. (That's another thing I loved about this blogger; she readily admits a weakness for cool shapes of pasta.) Kent only likes pasta with tomato sauce — he's the only kid I know who won't touch mac and cheese — so he wasn't a big fan, but I think there are a lot of kids who'd like it. I think that the next time we get a bunch of peppers from the market, I'll make a recipe of this sauce and just freeze it before adding in the cream. That way, I'll have some ready to defrost and add cream to whenever we want it, since we can't get fresh peppers year-round. The Louisiana growing season is long, but it's not THAT long.

In crafting news, the Dean sweater is almost done. All the pieces are completed, so they just need to be sewn together, and from thence the sweater shall eagerly await its host body. Okay, that sounds like some sort of symbiotic alien relationship or something. It's going to be a cute sweater, though.

Dean has been very insistent on making his presence known lately, so Jack got to feel his kicks for the first time this morning. He was going nuts in there. As soon as Jack felt him, he spontaneously let out this high-pitched, "DEEEEAN!!!" in appreciation. Such a sweet daddy. Soon, he'll be able to watch my belly move from across the room like we did with Kent.

My allergies are about the same. I took Claritin for two days but opted out of it this morning, and I feel roughly the same today as I did on Monday and Tuesday. Pharmaceuticals don't fix everything. Kent has been clingy, irritable, and rather coughy today, so I'm wondering if he's afflicted with the same allergies, but I'm not sure there's much of a way to tell whether a two-year-old has seasonal allergies. I'm wiped out and don't have much of an appetite, which seems weird for the second trimester, but I think I'll be better soon, and I'm hoping to shake this annoying cough soon, too. Bleh.

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We just talked about allergies with the ped at Eli's 2 year appt. I noticed that Eli gets a runny nose when I do, and he'll rub his eyes and tell me they hurt. Just start noting if Kent gets it when you seem to. Our ped recommended children's zyrtec - the trick is getting Eli to take it!
I loooooove PW. I spent a few hours one night propped up with pillows, reading her love story--which honestly does run like a very PG romance novel!
Feel better soon, Sweetie!
A soccer player?
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