Fabric crayons + onesie

  1. Buy fabric crayons.
  2. Draw something on regular white paper, and remember that you'll get the mirror image of whatever you draw. That doesn't matter so much for toddler scribbles, but it would for other designs.
  3. Cut drawing to the size of your shirt or other desired fabric object (Note: Crayola fabric crayons don't work on 100% cotton, so read the directions of the ones you buy — Pentel makes some that draw directly on fabric and are good for cotton, but I couldn't find them in a store anywhere).
  4. Put drawing face-down on fabric and place another sheet of paper inside shirt to make sure color doesn't bleed through. Iron on medium-low heat for one to two minutes (or according to package directions) without moving paper, peeling up corner periodically to make sure color is transferring.
  5. Admire your work and think what a great big brother your son is going to make.

Maybe that last part is just me.

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too cute!! Such great ideas Erica!
They will be best buds. You should see all the pictures with Jack and Anilia in everyday life....
What a great idea! I love it.
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