Kent amusings

This morning, I am highly amused by my son.

When I came out into the kitchen this morning, Kent was eating breakfast and Jack was doing some dishes, and Kent immediately started to tell me that he had asked for a waffle (gesture to waffle), milk (gesture to milk), and water (gesture very excitedly to water).

While we were watching the end of Hello, Dolly! for about the 30th time, he informed me that after the "Hodo Lolly part" (i.e., her torch song in her apartment in the second act), "we are gonna see the restaurant part." Thanks, kid. I forgot the sequence of events there for a sec... yeah, right.

He just found a penny on the floor and is now trying to put it in the pocket of his pants. Our friend Mary, who babysits him a lot, always gives him pennies in his pocket, so I guess he thinks that's where they belong.

I've had a rough few days, emotionally speaking, so I'm trying to put a good spin on the week and come up with some fun things to do. I've been thinking lately about putting together a dress-up box for him, though I'm not sure what to add. Suggestions? It should be cheap or free: no professionally made costumes, because we're kind of poor. I'm thinking of cutting up a sheet to make him a cape, finding some old hats in our closet, etc. I need help filling it out. No idea is too crazy, I promise.

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A cape is a must! Kids with capes can run faster (and take longer naps b/c they're so tired after playing).

Glasses with or without the lenses.
Scarfs/hankerchiefs are fun too.
I would through in a fun hat (maybe from the thrift store), a handmade crown, some old daddy clothes (so he can play go to work) and a silly dress. Kids don't care about gender when playing make believe, they have boys and girls in there stories.
Our kids spent hours flying around the neighborhood with old towels tied around their neck for their capes. If Dad has an old suit and shoes, our son always liked to dress up like Daddy.
Old pantyhose stocking cut in the right lengths for his arms and legs and you can put oscar (you know the ones that have lost their mates)socks in the pantyhose to make a muscle man. Pantyhose around the head with yarn stuffed in the legs makes a good lop ear bunny...
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