Muffin day

It's time for pumpkin. We had a big thunderstorm last night that cooled us down to an unbelievable temperature. Finally. We have the windows open, and it's only 60 degrees just before noon, instead of 90ish like it was yesterday. So yes, it's time for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. I baked and froze some pumpkin a few Sundays ago — I can't bring myself to use the stuff in a can — but I was waiting for the right day to use it. Kent agreed that it's a good day for muffins, and he helped me measure and stir everything, make a run to the store when I realized we didn't have enough brown sugar, and sample the chocolate chips to make sure they were alright.

While he was eating his muffin in the kitchen, he suddenly started looking up and turning around. I asked him what was going on, and he replied that he couldn't see his hair. He seemed pretty concerned. Last night in the shower (yeah, he's a teenager now, because he wants to take showers), he told Jack that he couldn't see his own head, and I think he might have been crying at the time. I guess when you suddenly realize that you have a body part you can't see without a mirror, it's a problem. At least he has muffins to get him through the pain.

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OMG. Homemade pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins sound aaaaaamazing. (LOL, at first I started to type "pimpkin"!) Did Kent say "maybe brown sugar - at THE STORE!"?? :-)
recipe please! for when i am eating again-
and the head/hair thing- priceless.
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