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I've gotten some ridiculous spam subject lines, just as everyone else has, but this one had me scratching my head: "Life is full of emotions only when you are healthy." Right. Because sick people aren't allowed to feel happy. And sadness isn't an emotion. Um, yeah.

So quick update on us: We went to a great Halloween party on Friday and took Kent trick-or-treating for the first time, finally. Our parish had trick-or-treating on Saturday, but LSU was also playing Saturday night, so a few neighborhoods (including one where a friend of ours lives) changed their trick-or-treating to Friday so it wouldn't interfere with tailgating, game watching, and binge drinking. This town is really, uh, unique. Anyway, the party was lots of fun with a bunch of our little friends in their costumes — it was even funnier when the spray hair dye got passed around and a lot of the kids and moms ended up with purple, green, or pink hair. We only walked to about ten houses before it started raining, but it was the perfect amount for the under-four crowd.

Kent isn't quite old enough to have an opinion on his costume, so after thinking for a while about what characters/animals he might actually enjoy dressing up as, the perfect character occurred to me: his father. Kent dressed up as Jack for Halloween, and he couldn't have been happier. I put him in a button-down shirt, tie, and dress pants, punched the lenses out of some sunglasses, and drew a goatee on him with eyeliner. I told him I was going to put makeup on his face to help him look more like Daddy, and at first he thought I said "bacon", so he went and told Jack that he was going to have bacon on his face. Still giggling about that one. The eyeliner worked beautifully and came right off in the bath, thank goodness. I had been sort of curious if we'd have a two-year-old with a goatee for a few days.

I'm having some glorious time to myself this morning while Jack and Kent take the communion bread to church in time for the early service. I don't get a lot of silent time, especially lately since Jack has been studying so hard for his exam coming up on Friday. I finally got to return to prenatal yoga yesterday morning — Jack urged me to go because he knew how desperately I needed a break — and the yoga felt glorious in its simplicity and in the way it transformed my body and mind. There's one leg exercise that I find really difficult, and I realized I was cursing to myself when she told us we were going to do it a second time. I'm pretty sure yoga isn't supposed to include cursing. It's good to push myself to achieve difficult things, though, and the whole hour was a nice experience, even with that leg exercise.

Our instructor does a deep relaxation part toward the end, which reminds me a lot of the relaxation exercises we used to do at my elementary school; the teacher would come around after a while and lift up our limbs to see if we were relaxed like "wet noodles" and I prided myself on being really good at it. Yesterday, after our instructor had us focus on relaxing different parts of our bodies, she left us with the suggestion that we think about all the things we're thankful for, so even though my body was relaxed, my mind didn't stop buzzing. I'm thankful for so many things in my life, and I needed that chance to remember and relish them. I've been very emotional lately about a lot of things having to do with pregnancy, and anxiety about how things are going to change when Dean is here, so feeling the Om is a welcomed change.

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Perhaps the cutest thing ever.
And bacon may be the funniest.
mmm, bacon! And cursing is okay during yoga if you realize what your doing and let it go without judgment of yourself. Kent dressing as Jack is perfect.
That is the most adorable Halloween costume I've seen in a while. And so simple! I'm glad you're getting some time to yourself to recharge. You deserve it: you're chasing a toddler AND growing his brother!
Hey Mommy take good care of yourself...I too have been exercising so I can carry boys around...and I find myself also muttering if not cursing when I am supposed to be b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g. Well time will discipline this too. I so love Kent dressed as Jack...and the glasses are a hoot.
Hey and looking at that character of John (minus the tie), he could be a picture of his Uncle John!!!
Hey, did I say I love this picture...it is wall paper at work...with many comments...thank you.
Omg that is the greatest Halloween costume ever. Please frame that and put it in your house.
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