Make that three ways

The ravioli madness continued about an hour after dinner with dessert ravioli. I was going to make it with nutella until I realized that we had no nutella. Dang. I put a dollop of peanut butter and a few chocolate chips in the middle of each one, which was a fine substitute. Deep fried, then dusted powdered sugar on top... ridiculous, you say? Yes. We're teaching Kent about how things like lollipops, cupcakes, and carousel rides are "sometimes treats" so that he'll understand we don't do them all the time. This is most DEFINITELY a sometimes treat, but such a good one.

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I would like sometime to be now please :)
I still daydream about Giada's nutella fried wontons. I can't ask her to make them because she might say ricotta and spaghetti the way she does and I would go insane.
Sounds (and looks) delicious!
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