Paper airplane fun

Jack has been showing Kent a lot of YouTube videos about trains, planes, tractors, and other such manly things, and lately they've gotten on a kick of watching paper airplane videos (including this one, which is really cool!). Last week, I suggested that they might want to actually make paper airplanes instead of just watching videos about them, so Jack gave Kent an important lesson in constructing a good plane. I learned a few things too, mostly why my airplanes never worked well when I was a kid. It was partly the planes I made, and partly user error; apparently, I threw them too fast. Who knew that was important? Obviously someone failed me long ago. I feel cheated. All those years I could have been like the cool kids who knew how to make *and* throw a paper airplane... oh well. Disappointment builds character, right?

Here's a video of the two of them making planes at Kent's kitchen table. You can see how Kent is really starting to imitate carefully what he sees us doing. (Most of the way through, when he gets frustrated, he says, "K can't make one!" for those who can't make out his unique manner of speaking.)

And here's a video of the planes in flight in the backyard (Kent eventually got some help folding one). I took several movies, but this one managed to capture the most funny moments.

Unrelated, but still post-worthy, is the fact that Kent has continued to wear his Halloween glasses with much frequency. Yes, I think it's high time we started collecting things for a dress-up box like I mentioned earlier.

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What fun!
That looks really fun! Has the one in the tree come down yet?
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