Our fall-back morning greeted me with three unexpected things: Kent actually observed the time change for the first time in his life, sleeping well until it was light outside (and we don't know why!); I randomly had a stiff neck; and I had an overwhelming craving for blueberry scones.

I knew we had just about all the things I'd need to make scones, so I pulled the last baggie of summer's blueberries out of the freezer and went for Tyler Florence's recipe for the first time (thanks to Joanna). Jack got to mix up the pastry, because I hate cutting butter into flour, and I got the rest of the dough together. Tyler told me to pat out the dough and cut it into triangles, but it was pretty soft and I wasn't sure it would actually hold its shape from the counter to the cookie sheet, so I just made round scones instead, and they worked fine. The recipe includes a lemon glaze, but we didn't have any lemon juice or lemons, so I made an orange glaze, and I halved the glaze recipe because it seemed like it would be way too much. Perfect amount, and there's still glaze all over the counter that ran off the edges. Yum.

I feel sad saying goodbye to the last of the blueberries, but this was a nice farewell. Falling back is treating me well so far. I wish springing forward felt this good.

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It is the best blueberry scone recipe out there! Yum yum!
Yum! So, a question: what's the difference between muffins and scones? I treat them as basically interchangable: that is, if I'm craving a muffin, a scone will do. Is it the glaze? Are muffins more moist? Enlighten me!

My word is "glympin": I think this is some combination between glucose and pimpin, i.e., when Nicole would give glucose tablets to people for a treat.
Hmm, I sort of think as scones as a cross between a muffin and a biscuit. They don't have eggs, so they don't rise as much as muffins, and they also don't have nearly as much oil. They're made like biscuits, cutting butter into flour to make a flakier dough, just with more sugar in them than biscuits have (and sometimes fruit). Very unscientific, but you get the idea. ;)
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