December 11

I really have some catching up to do. I'm finally not sick, so today is the day.

I had some kind of weird illness I have no name for. It included exhaustion, all-over body aches, headache (and Tylenol, the only thing I can take right now, doesn't do a thing for my headaches), slight nausea/queasiness, low appetite, and other minor digestive issues. No fever, no congestion, and not food-related that I can tell. I got it Wednesday evening and had it for about three days (and I'm still not completely up to par today, but it'll do). Kent, being the resilient two-year-old that he is, had it for exactly one day, from sun-up to sundown on Friday. So this is how he and I spent our Friday:

Sleeping, watching movies, sleeping some more, snuggling, falling asleep yet again... he basically fell asleep everywhere I put him: at the table, on the sofa, on the floor, even on the bathmat during my shower. And he is *not* a child who normally falls asleep just anywhere. This photo is of him sleeping on the living room floor during Monsters, Inc.. Friday was a pretty easy day, and I was glad that Kent and I wanted to go about the same speed. Slowly, or not at all. That's what I'm talking about.

Friday night brought this hilarious exchange between the two of us.

Kent (to me): You are sick.
Me: You are, too.
Kent: I want you to be sick by yourself.

Nice, kid. Nice. I laughed at the time, but he got his wish the next morning.

It's hard to be sick while Very Pregnant. First trimester is one thing, with its own set of drawn-out challenges and horrible moments, but being in the third trimester adds other complications. For example, when I'm sick, I usually want to relax and lie very still in a dark room, and I find it difficult to be still or to relax with an alarmingly active, growing fetus tumbling around inside me. I've decided that Dean wants out, and he's attempting to make that happen by testing my abdominal wall for weak spots. He's much more active than I ever remember Kent being, which could partly be faulty memory/romanticization of first pregnancy, but I honestly don't remember ever feeling pain when Kent was moving around, and I'm definitely getting that this time. Supposedly it'll be over soon. I'm sort of hoping he'll be a healthy January baby instead of waiting until my due date or afterward to appear. Some people have said about his arrival, "Oh, maybe he'll wait until Jack's birthday!" (6 days after my due date) and I think, "No, please no!!"

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I had wondered if Dean would wait for his Dad's birthday...but I also thought...maybe not so much for mommy. Jack was very active. The Dr. teased me about his being a soccer player. Of course he said football...but he meant soccer. precious picture of Kent sleeping.
Gavin seemed to move a lot more than Eli, too. And he continued with the big movements until almost the end, which definitely was painful.
And everyone said the same thing to me about Gavin coming on my birthday, which was 2 days after my due date. Well, those people cursed me, because that's when he came!!
I'll vote for Dean sharing his birthday with Uncle John then- January 26! I believe in early babies since E came about 10 ahead. :)
We are just getting out of the sniffles in this house.
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