December 15

Step 1: Grate or finely chop crayons, sprinkle a few bits on watercolor paper or cardstock (watercolor paper worked best for us because of its thickness, whereas the cardstock tended to curl a little, and some of the wax bled through).

Step 2: Top with wax paper, iron on low heat until crayons melt (with a towel underneath), remove wax paper.

Step 3: Repeat, and be inspired.

I think these might turn into paper chains, though they would also make nice holiday cards. Jean and her daughter painted over their cooled waxy paper with watercolors for a nifty effect, but I think we'll just leave ours as is. Someone small in our family *might* be getting liquid watercolors for Christmas, so there could be repeats of this project with watercolors added next time.

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Looks great! They're fun, aren't they?
Those look great! Again, I am in awe of the very different, cool art things you do with Kent & friends. What a great way to teach them love of the arts.
A simple way to entertain the largest of children "adults"! I loved this play as a child. And even more when Jack and Anilia were little tykes.
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