December 25

My husband, who claims not to be crafty, helped his son make this with the "Here, Make Me an Ornament" box. I'm not going to believe him anymore. I also got a very lovely painted card to accompany my ornament, and Kent made a similar ornament for our friend Linda, whose house we went to for a cozy Christmas Eve dinner last night after church.

Other photos from this morning:

Kent learns to use his training chopsticks (and gets a few bites of waffle successfully into his mouth with them).

Kent learns to use his first pair of scissors. We're all about the manual dexterity this Christmas.

This is how he ended up trying to use his scissors, as pokers.

Indulgent parents let their son eat jelly beans on Christmas morning.

The opening of the cookware, which he immediately whisked away to his room to cook us some pancakes in. I love that child.

Christmas breakfast: French toast made from Whole Foods' amazing white chocolate orange bread (with sugared strawberries on top), bacon for some of us, and coffee. Breakfast was enjoyed on my Christmas plate from last year and Jack's new Christmas plate that Kent painted for him this year. Kent had his on his same plastic IKEA plates that he always eats off of, but someday he'll have a special plate, too. Maybe he and Dean can paint plates for each other in a year or two.

Since Kent was up just before 6 a.m., all the presents were opened by 7:30, then his new toys, books, and movie (The Sword in the Stone) were tested, a couple of holiday phone greetings were made, late lunch and fun times were had with church friends Mary and Gaines, and then we came back home wearily to pack for our quick three-day jaunt up to Maryland tomorrow. Happy Christmas. But we're all in serious need of some sleep.

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If that's what I think it is, we have the same cookware set. The children got a joint present of the kitchen set from IKEA, with a lot of the cooking stuff and plates that went with it. It's been a very popular gift, and I really love the porcelain dish set, but we have to put it away when Caleb is up because he has already smashed a dish. :(
Glad to hear you're going to keep Dean in there a little bit longer.
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