December 3

Kent is very confused by the fact that there's a candle lit, but nobody is blowing it out. He just sang, "Happy Birthday to Daddy," and now he's talking about birthday cake. Maybe we should turn this into a "Happy Birthday, Jesus" moment.

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Everytime Marlowe sees a candle he sings "happy birthday". In fact, I think he just thinks the name of a candle is Hot Happy Birthday. I'm really not sure where he got this from, since all our family birthdays are at the beginning of the summer...when he, um, turned one.
That's hilarious and adorable! It also makes sense if you put yourself in the mind of a toddler - when he has seen candles before, they have been blown out for a birthday celebration. Ergo, candles are meant to be blown out. Duh, mom! :-)
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