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Still here. Watching/feeling my belly move a lot, and grateful that I haven't had any more labor scares. Thinking about Haiti. Scheming a way for Jack, or maybe both of us, to go in a year or two and help with rebuilding. Feeling better after about two weeks of being sick — upper respiratory infection fought off with antibiotics and a lot of movie watching. I mostly have energy now, so I've been cooking more and nesting more and have partial blog posts in my head that haven't materialized. My mind is running too fast for that, and when Kent is napping, all I want to do is not blog. I know it doesn't make any sense.

Glad tomorrow is payday and a cupcake date with a friend I haven't seen in a long time. The last time I saw her and her kids was at Kent's first birthday party, and we live in the same city. It hurts me when I realize I'm letting a relationship slide.

Cherishing my last few days/weeks with just Kent and me during the day. I'm a little wistful about it already, thinking about how fun and relatively easy some of our days are right now, and knowing that a few of my friends with a baby and an older child end up frustrated with their older kid a lot more than they ever used to be. Looking for a Montessori program for him for the fall (we have it narrowed down to two places) so that he can strike out on his own a little — I think Montessori is going to be a great fit for him.

Needing just a tad more sleep than I'm getting, but I'm pretty lucky with how much I do get. We've been sleeping in the guest room while our bed takes a break. Since I broke it. I am awesome and very pregnant, and all I had to do was sit down on the edge to make the bedrail go kerplunk. Sleeping in the guest room, which is much neater and more calming due to all the nesting efforts, has been like being on vacation. I kind of don't want to go back to sleeping in our cluttered bedroom. Photos of all the nesting will be forthcoming, since we had a very productive few days last weekend.

Feeling mostly ready for Dean, except that labor is starting to scare me again. I can't really stop it or avoid it, so I just need to do what I tell Kent sometimes: I need to get my game face on. We're having what might best be described as a strategy meeting with our doula on Monday, so that should help. Pain with a purpose. I'll be okay.


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We volunteer for babysitting when you go to Haiti in a year or two (as long as you've weaned Dean).
You're so beautiful and brave and able. I love the updates and you and can't wait to hear all the amazing stories of his birth and your new life together. What lucky boys you have to have you as a mom.
Can I echo what Emily said and add- you got this one, hands down. After you handled the first one? Dean's labor is going feel like a party. mwa!
Ditto to all that. I still remember your comment about how petocin hit you over the head and took your purse. Too funny. I hope for much better experience for you this time, maybe it will be like a party.
And I do remember those days beforehand hoping that the first born has some memories of being the only child because it was such a special time.
Thinking of all of you. You are an awesome mom.
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