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This morning, I turned in Kent's application to a wonderful little Montessori school, where we're planning for him to enroll in the morning-only program this fall. I loved meeting the director and observing the school last week, found out I already knew one of the teachers (through our experience with the CSA farm this past summer), and see my son completely flourishing in this environment.

While we were running errands this morning, Kent and I were chatting in the car about instruments. He told me that he's going to play some instruments when he gets bigger, so I was asking him what he might enjoy playing. Drums, of course. I then suggested the piano, which he also took into consideration. (Really, he can learn all the instruments he wants — I'll just enable him however I can in that respect.) He knows that Jack and I both play the clarinet, so I mentioned to him that we could pull out my clarinet when we got home and that we could play it together, and he was ALL over that idea. So we got home, and the clarinet came out. I showed him how to put it together (um, gently), then made a few sounds, played a couple of his favorite songs, and then handed it over to see what he could do. He never did get a note to come out, since his tiny body doesn't quite have the lung capacity or mouth muscle strength to make it happen, but he squawked a few times and was pretty amused by those noises. Mostly, we spent our time with me blowing a sustained note and him pressing various keys to change the note. He thought that was totally cool and wanted to keep doing it, the way he wants to keep doing everything that's fun and that makes Mommy tired. Eventually, though, I had to put it away because *I* was out of lung capacity. Tears. Promises to do it again tomorrow. Such is life around here these days.

We had an afternoon at the park with a few friends, enjoying our gorgeous weather and talking pregnancy (three of the four of us who were there are pregnant with our second child) while our kids ran around, got sandy, took turns on the swings, played with the bubble machine that another parent brought along, and gave each other random hugs. The 2.5 to 3 range really is a fun age, even though it should come plastered with disclaimers about the difficulty of keeping one's sanity while enjoying it.

Despite having a fairly normal-sized dinner, I was hungry two hours later and suddenly *had* to have a breakfast sandwich on a bagel while Jack was putting Kent to bed. Thankfully, I had gotten half a dozen bagels this morning from a local bakery. They're seeing a lot of me these days; it doesn't help that it's on the way to Kent's new school. Jack noted yesterday that I'm becoming a bagel addict. My bagel cravings during this pregnancy now seem to be rivaling my broccoli cravings, which is a pretty serious allegation.

Sounds like a full day, right? You betcha. Bed is calling my name.

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So, this post entitles you to one of the best mom's of the year award (I think there have to be many many of these).

Too amazing and fun and cool. Are you ready to move Atlanta yet?
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