I'd been sitting on this idea for a while, and things finally coalesced today for me to put it together. I made a felt board for my nephew last spring, so I had been wanting to do something similar for Kent when he got a little older but couldn't ever decide what to make. Another Easter egg hunt board seemed too elaborate, especially since he doesn't really know what Easter eggs are yet. I thought of other outdoorsy things, maybe a nighttime scene with stars and the moon and an owl, but nothing made me terribly excited. And Kent is afraid of owls. Then, I decided: faces. With some cutting help from Ann, I got everything together this afternoon, and Kent (though grumpy from waking up on the wrong side of his nap) enjoyed rearranging all of the eyes, hair, noses, and mouths for quite a while.

I think I want to make another set of shapes or something, but I'm not sure what to make yet. I could go all Montessori and make him a set of letters. Or revisit the outdoorsy scene idea. Or maybe a house, with windows and doors and a chimney and decorations and stuff that he could rearrange. Post an idea below if you have one.

I may not be able to get a lot of knitting or sewing done right now, but at least I can cut small shapes out of felt and hot glue some eyeballs together.

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Those are great! Cute pic, too.
What about animal bodies with spots, stripes, etc to put on them?
Or cars with wheels, doors, windows?
What might make me happiest in this picture is that you used lots of PEOPLE colors. I like the reinforcement that people come in lots of hues and such. YAY for multicultural learning!
Erica this is so cool! I am inspired though I don't have a sewing machine or know how to sew. Some day...Justine
It's funny that you mention that, Emily, because it almost didn't happen. I was about to cut all the faces out of ivory, and then I looked at my pile of felt and thought, "Now wait a minute, I have all these nice shades of brown here..." I'm glad it occurred to me, even if it means we end up with brown people who have yellow hair and green eyes. ;)
Justine, no sewing was involved. Just felt and hot glue, and the hot glue was only for the eyes. The felt sticks to itself, so you don't need to sew anything at all. I just hot glued a big piece of felt around a sheet of thick cardboard, and the rest is just a bunch of little interchangeable pieces that I cut freehand. Very easy.
But there is hair dye and colored contacts. And I do know people who are browner than I am with green eyes. It totally works, and I'm glad you thought of it!! :)
this is wonderful! I vote for a house with window boxes, shutters, curtains and flowers for the windows.
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