My list for the rest of the week

  1. Take naps
  2. Organize/post photos
  3. Order at least one fancy nursing bra online, because seriously, these old ones are horrible and are falling apart
  4. Inhale the scent of my baby and try desperately to commit it to memory forever
  5. Welcome my mom to town tonight
  6. Kiss my little boys as often as possible
  7. Bake cupcakes (with my mom) on Thursday for a cupcake party on Friday, which will be Dean's first intro to several of my friends and their kids
  8. Have more Kent time
  9. Thank profusely the centuries of women who have worn their babies strapped to their bodies, for the Moby wrap is the most awesome thing ever, and Dean is happy as a clam to sleep in it all day
  10. Wait for that umbilical cord stump to fall off so I can see the adorable belly button underneath
  11. Enjoy the moments of tenderness and fun shared between my two boys
  12. Watch our vegetable and herb seedlings grow in the window
  13. Keep devouring all the good food people are bringing us — making milk is hard
  14. Write out birth story
  15. Be amazed, again, at what having a child can do to me

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What lucky boys, to have you and Jack as their parents! Their futures are limitless!
This sounds like an excellent list. I especially support the napping and eating :). Take care of yourself, too! It can be easy to try to run on fumes when you have 2 little ones but I don't advise it! :) -Heather
Sounds good!
My nursing bras are from the Gap, and i do like them. And they've held up really well.
my favorite nursing bras are gap too. Who knew? I am a little envious you are watching seedlings grow while we are in a near white out condition... And the rest sounds lovely too:)
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