I'm lying back in the recliner in my living room, sleeping Dean strapped to my chest in the Moby wrap, looking out the sliding glass door to the backyard. In my backyard are Kent, along with not one, but two grandmothers, blowing bubbles and running around in the sun. It's about 40 degrees out there, so I'm sure they're freezing their butts off, but to me it just looks sunny and cheery. A lot of giggles and squeals are making their way inside. This very sleepy but happy mama feels the joy radiating from those three. I'm feeling mostly like myself these days, but it's still wonderful to tap into the collective energy of others while I rest with my baby.

Since they have a couple of days' worth of overlap, I'm reminded of how lucky we are to have in-laws who not only get along but who actually enjoy each other's company. They respect each other. There's no competition, no one-upping, no passive aggression or bickering. I'm blessed in so many ways. My mom has been here for a wonderful week and is leaving tomorrow, and Jack's mom got here yesterday and will be here for another almost two weeks before she heads back to Virginia (with Jack's dad coming for the last couple of days of her visit).

Also, my mom has been cleaning like a mad woman. Give that woman an award for awesomeness.

After Kent was born, I remember needing the grandparent time and help desperately so that I could recover. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that I was in shock after his birth, trying to keep my head above water while I learned to do everything for a baby and learned how to survive emotionally without any time to myself to recharge. I figured out how to be a mom, and eventually I felt like I was actually pretty good at it, but it felt crazy for a while. I felt crazy. This time, it doesn't feel crazy. I've recovered physically. I know how to take care of a newborn and have been so pleased that it's come back to me quickly. And so far, Dean sleeps a lot. Not by himself, mind you, but he'll sleep for hours in the Moby or in our arms, and it doesn't feel exhausting at all, just sweet. More sleep would be nice, but the lack of sleep, just like everything else, is also familiar and doesn't feel like a shock to my system either. The hardest part is meeting Kent's emotional needs while wearing a baby, something the grandmothers are a *huge* help with. I feel like my time with them here is giving me a chance to strategize about how I'm going to accomplish everything after they leave. Like how to get food on the table and then get through a meal. Or how to discipline Kent from across the room or across the house while Dean is nursing. Or how I'm going to finish Kent's potty training by the time he starts school in August. Still not sure about that one.

The blessings are many. I'm very rich.

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I am really looking forward to seeing all of you. Sorry that your mom will be back in real cold country, but we shall cross paths again. It won't be long ....
That moment sounds so blissful. We can't wait to come share the love too.
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