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Okra and green bean seeds just went into the ground last weekend, and they're already coming up. The plants that I started from seed several weeks ago, however, are doing a terrible job of staying alive. They sprouted inside but then stopped growing altogether, so I transplanted them outside to see if being in the garden would help their morale. No such luck so far. I might have to buy tomato, pepper, and herb plants, but that would be okay. It worked last year.

Kent is amusing us with language funnies. He's trying to synthesize verb tenses he doesn't know, which is pretty cool, but he comes up with some silly stuff on the way to the right answer. For example, when trying to decide the past tense of "to pick", he arrived at "pook" (rhymes with "took"). And his new thing this week is the negative version of "I am", which is apparently "I amn't." Some days, like today, I find myself wanting to sell my toddler to the highest bidder, but the cuteness helps mitigate all of my frustration with this amazing developing person. Free will is annoying.

Dean's new signature move is pooping, then immediately falling asleep. Also, he's incredibly cute, sleeps a lot, and is still as squeaky as ever, as Anilia and her family can attest since they were here all weekend for a wonderful visit.

I finally got my containers from the milk bank a couple of weeks ago, and I'm borrowing an electric pump from a friend for Project Milk. So far I've collected 20 ounces, which means five of their little 4-ounce bottles. I have cute flower stickers procured from Target, and Jack is making me a sticker chart to keep me motivated. As if helping other babies isn't motivation enough, I now have girly stickers, too. I'm going to be borrowing freezer space from at least one person, because there's no way that 50 of these bottles are going to fit in our freezer. The logistics of pumping while parenting two small people are kind of tough some days, but it's worth it.

Over and out, so I can live to fight another day.

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Love the exploration of vocabulary.
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