Project Milk: Month 2

180 ounces. 45 bottles (and very little freezer space left, though I can borrow a friend's space if it comes to that). FYI, I added a little box over at the left of the page with my total to-date so you can keep up. Because I know everyone is dying to know.

I'm waiting on official paperwork approval from the bank so they can send me the cooler to ship my first 200 ounces back... I'm hoping that happens next week. I'm feeling slightly rock-star-esque because of all the sick and premature babies I'll be helping. Jack told me last week how impressed he's been and how well I've been doing, because he remembers how much I complained about pumping when Kent was a baby and wasn't sure how far I'd get this time. It's funny, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to make it work, but after he said that, I did remember how much I used to loathe the pump. Now, it's fine. I barely mind it. It's part of my routine, once when I wake up, and then again sometime in the afternoon. Fill up a freezer bottle, put a label on it, add a sticker to my chart, find time to wash pump parts... and repeat.

I really hope I inspire someone else to do this at some point, because it's not nearly as hard as I would've thought, and so many women could do it but don't. Such is the way with pretty much everything humanitarian, right?




Rah, rah, rah! Go, Erica!

(I really think it's all about the stickers!)

Good for you!!
I solely pumped for Eli for about 9 months, and didn't really mind it. But since Gavin nurses, I just pump 1x a day, and literally count down the minutes!
And I saw a show today on TLC, this woman had triplets, and was able to pump more than enough milk for all 3, and did not have to supplement at all! Amazing!
You are amazing! I love the stickers and plan to start a sticker chart for another reason. Best wishes, hope the word comes soon..
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