I had a moment just a little while ago. A rare moment of peace. Dean was napping, Kent and Jack were outside trying to put up the new mailbox post (ours was knocked down in a crime spree last weekend), and I had just gotten dinner on the table. Getting dinner on the table usually happens while one or both of my kids is upset, I'm sweating, Jack is pouring drinks while trying to tell me about his day or about a story he heard on NPR on the drive home, and I'm racking my brain trying to think of what ingredient or component I've forgotten. But tonight, dinner came together in peace. Dressed salads in bowls, puff pastry pinwheels with red peppers and cheese sat piled on a plate, and each place had its beverage all ready. Jack's and mine included a glass of red wine, a rare but special addition to the table. I was enjoying a sip of wine while listening to The Beatles, all on my own.

Then I went outside to check on progress, and I came back inside to hear Dean screaming. Moment over, but not forgotten.

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Those are fantastic moments - when they happen. I'm getting a new mailbox and post for Mother's Day. Ours wasn't damaged in a crime spree, but the wood is old and rotten. Good thing I don't get as many catalogs as your mom or it would fall over.
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