Things a-sproutin'

I just pulled nine green beans out of our garden. NINE! Guess what we're having tomorrow with dinner?

There are several juliet tomatoes (a cherry variety) sprouting out, thinking about turning red. I finally wrestled the tomatoes into cages today, far too late to be doing that because I seriously damaged a few of the more stubborn stems. Next year, I'll try to remember to put the cages around them before they're three feet high.

I think I put the plants too close together, in all my excitement about growing different things. I was afraid of that when I planted everything, but now it's very apparent. The peppers barely have enough room to grow, though they're looking a little happier without tomatoes sprawled all over them. The okra plants are doing well too, though they're not producing any flowers yet, so it'll be a while before we get to enjoy any of them. And just as I knew it would, the mint is already going nuts. Time for mint tea and Greek salsa (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, mint, and parsley). FYI, Greek salsa is really excellent paired with hummus and flatbread. We'll have to make spring rolls with some of the mint, too. Mmmm. Any other suggestions for using mint, like syrup, or something I could freeze?

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