From the garden

Pesto tortellini and green beans, with green beans, basil, and parsley from our garden. The tortellini is not from our garden. If there were plants that grew tortellini, and I had them in my garden, I would never need to go grocery shopping again.

We're getting beautiful clusters of cherry tomatoes. Just today, Kent and I were out there scouring for veggies, and since he has a lot of trouble finding green beans among the vines, he was looking for red tomatoes. I thought surely he'd be done soon, but he just kept yelling, "I see a tomato that's ready to be eaten!!" then picking it and dropping it into the bowl. At dinner tonight, he said that when Dean got bigger, Dean could look for tomatoes and he could look for green beans. I told him that was a great idea and that it was probably going to happen next summer.

I started a bunch of okra plants from seed, and there are four nice-sized plants in our garden and a couple of other small plants in a pot that are producing pods. They make these gorgeous pale yellow flowers, then after the flowers die, the pods start growing in their place, and they grow fast. If I see one that looks about ready to eat (3 or 4 inches), I have to get it that day, otherwise it gets huge and really tough and it's not as yummy. We get 2 or 3 pods per day, so I just rinse them and keep them in the fridge until we have enough to bother cooking. Tomorrow we're having some with red beans and grits.

This gardening business is fun stuff. I definitely need a second bed next year.

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This was the best pesto I have ever eaten. EVER.
So cool. we got our csa yesterday. I bought egg roll wrappers because of you... :)
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