Ingredients for Kent's art party

Fabric crayons for drawings that iron onto tote bags:

Homemade playdough and an assortment of cookie cutters, rollers, and found objects:

Handpainted thank-you notes, containing recipe for playdough:

Mocha cupcakes, with sprinkles and crazy glitter icing:

"Happy Birthday to You" and a "3" candle:

Sidewalk chalk, even though it's dang hot:

Party food, including the birthday boy's favorite chicken nuggets and pretzels

A post-party rest (this was *after* his post-party nap, by the way):

And a friend without young kids to help out... this may be the most important ingredient of all! Thanks, Linda!

I'm blogging the party because I'm avoiding clean-up. The house isn't nearly as messy as I had thought it might be, but I definitely don't have the mental energy to tackle the playdough table yet. It was a major success, though. And I daresay Kent had an awesome time with his friends. I really loved planning this party and helping him celebrate.

I think I might need a beer to celebrate the facts that he's nearly 3 (next week), I'm still alive, and I'm not a crazy person. Yet.

(a thousand thanks to Amanda and Jean for the inspiration)

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This is rad. I threw an art party to celebrate John's 30th. It never gets old!
What great fun! (And GranDebbie & Bapa are looking forward to celebrating Kent's birthday with other more seasoned relatives next weekend!)
Love it!! Great ideas and it looks like fun was had by all. Happy Birthday, Kent!--Heather
What fun! Can't wait to see you all again soon.
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