Fried rice

Tyler Florence saves the weekend again.

I've realized that every time I'm in a food rut, the best thing for me to do is to DVR some episodes of Good Eats, Tyler's Ultimate, and Giada at Home, and then I have more meal ideas than I know what to do with. Tyler's episode about Ultimate Dim Sum yielded an easy recipe for delicious fried rice that made me drool just thinking about it.

I made it almost just like Tyler did, except that I cooked the shrimp in a separate pan so as not to contaminate the rice with shrimpiness that my darling husband does not enjoy, and I added extra veggies like carrots, sweet peppers, and zucchini. I didn't want to go overboard with the soy sauce, since that's a pretty hard mistake to recover from, so I dumped a little in while I was tossing everything together at the end, and then we added more at the table. I used three eggs, like he suggests, but I think it could almost use more than that, since I like a lot of egg and it was hard to find the bits of egg among everything else. But overall, it was a fabulous weekend lunch, a one-pot meal that made us all happy. It's very much like the fried rice we get at our favorite sushi place, nice and light with real vegetable flavors, and very unlike the greasy, salty fried rice we get from our favorite Chinese takeout place. I much prefer the former.

This could definitely go well with edamame and potstickers or something like that, but I needed to keep it simple today. We have a lot of leftover rice, so maybe I'll be in a potsticker mood in a day or two and I can test that hypothesis.

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I agree, yum, on the menu for tomorrow evening...
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