Dean Isaac at 6 months

You might wonder what our little boy is up to, now that he's half a year old. Here's a bit of what Dean does these days.

Sleeps in the car with his brother.

Sleeps in the mornings with me (yeah, not such a fan of the way I look here, but I like the way he and I look together).

Takes baths with his brother.

Dazzles us with the Hooded Towel Effect, a favorite talent of babies everywhere.

Poses with his silly mom.

Yearns for the day when he can play trains with his brother.

Tries on handmade outfits from good friends.

Laughs during all of his photo shoots.

Wears silly hats.



Tries sweet potatoes (see it in moving pictures here).

Loves his daddy.

And another video of Dean laughing, because that's his most wonderful skill at the moment... we should have known he'd be a happy kid when we gave him Isaac (laughter) for a middle name.

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love, love, love! we are all going to be in hysterics in Tulsa.
Great update! Dean is so cute. :-)
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