Dean at 9 months

Dean has officially been out longer than he was in. 9 months seems like such a grown-up baby age. They're really coming into their own little personalities around 9 months, being mobile and eating and making their wishes known.

Witness the game of Peekaboo:

Dean has 5 teeth with another on the way. He loves Gerber puffs and recognizes the containers instantly, including the little snack container we keep in the diaper bag, hopping up and down and "oohing" and panting when he sees them. He loves his new sippy cup almost as much. Kent picked it out for him a few weeks ago, since Kent had chewed holes in all of his and they had to be thrown away a while back. We're hearing more babbles and "lala, gaga," each day, but nothing that seems like a purposeful identification of someone's name, like, say, his mama. I've been working on that one a lot, but to no avail so far.

Dean is crawling with more confidence each day, sometimes following us down the hall or into another room. Sometimes, though, he just sits and cries when we leave the room, since he hasn't quite figured out that he has the power to come with us whenever he wants. He's also pulling up at every opportunity, and his very favorite thing to pull up on is my legs. This makes it rather difficult for me to get around, since if I stop moving, he's immediately right there, grabbing onto my pants and pulling himself up. Observe.

Basically, I have to be prepared to stand in one place for a while if I stop moving. And sometimes if he thinks I'm stopping, but then I start to walk away, he gets really mad.

He's a snuggler, a singer, a gigglebox, and a total sweetheart. 'Scuse me while I go snuggle him and babble with him for a few more minutes before we pick up Kent from school. This time with just my baby is precious.

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give him a cuddle from all of us! And kent too!nitso
What a funny, cheerful little guy!
Hugs from GranDebbie & Bapa!
What a great little guy! He is adorable. I love your developmental updates, E. :-)
I too love the pictures and your view from 'above' him. Do you suppose he will do the pullup thing on Kent, or doesn't he stand still long enough?
LOL, Ron, he tried once and pulled Kent over. I think Kent will not be staying still long enough to let that happen again. ;)
He is so cute! I remember that shirt, it's a soft comfy one. I can't wait to see him and Kent soon.
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