If you give a dad a washrag

In homage to Laura Numeroff's If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series...


If you give a dad a washrag, he’s going to do the dishes. When he’s finished with the dishes, he’s going to want to clean off the stovetop. When he goes to wipe it down, he won't be able to see how clean it is, and he’ll remember the bulb is out. He’ll look for a new lightbulb. When he puts the lightbulb in, it won’t work, so he’ll have to throw it away and find another lightbulb. And another. He’ll wonder if it really is a problem with the lightbulbs, or an electrical wiring problem. He’ll take the lightbulbs back out of the trash can. They’ll have coffee grounds all over them, so he’ll have to wipe them off. Then he’ll take the lightbulbs to a lamp and test them out. He’ll realize that the lightbulbs are fine and it is a wiring problem. So he’ll have to call his dad for advice. His dad will make some suggestions and help him fix it over the phone. After he fixes the stove light, he’ll generally feel like a pretty cool husband. He'll go on about his business of being a cool husband (and dad). Later that week, he’ll stay up late one night and forget to do any dishes. He’ll be tired the next morning, and so will his wife, because their baby doesn't sleep. His wife will get mad that he stayed up late and didn’t do any dishes, so he’ll wander bleary-eyed over to the sink to wash some dishes. And chances are, if his wife nags him about doing the dishes, he’s going to need a washrag to get it done.

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Best. Post. Ever.
You have the author's voice down-pat! Heather
At least he has a couple of new blue washrags!
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