Project Milk: third shipment

I just sent off my last shipment to the milk bank. My grand total: 788 oz. It was actually higher, but a couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine with a baby had horrible food poisoning and spent the night in the hospital, so since she was in no condition to nurse or to pump, I took some bottles of milk to her house. I was sort of hoping to be over 800 oz., but I was close enough. It's a great feeling anyway.

I thought I might go all the way to a year, which is the longest I could have pumped, but my supply has been way down since Dean started solids, and with taking Kent to/from preschool in the mornings, I've also had more trouble finding time to pump. So I actually hadn't pumped in over a week, but then I got one more bottle a couple of days ago right around the time I decided it was just time to send everything on to the bank and officially retire.

So now I'm retiring as a donor. On to find another way to help change the world.




congrats Erica! 788 is whole lot of help for tiny babes!
I can't say enough how proud I am of you :)
Wow! Congrats on being done. Hopefully you did something special for yourself to celebrate the end.
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