DPP Day 10

Meet Carl.

Carl appears in a different place each morning, much to the delight of a Certain Little Person in our house. This morning, he was found hanging from the wreath on the wall. Many giggles were heard when Certain Little Person spotted him.

(In case you were wondering, his name is an homage to Carl from the Pixar film Up. When pressed to come up with a name for this elf, Kent naturally turned to one of his favorite movies for inspiration.)



What a fun surprise!
I love that! What a fun Christmas tradition for a little person. Where else does Carl end up in the mornings?
Is that the "Elf on a Shelf" tradition? I've considered it, but I'm afraid I'll go to bed all tired one night and forget to move the elf.
Yes, it's an Elf on the Shelf, a new gift from my sister Morgan. =) Carl has appeared on the shelf with Jack's bobble-head fantasy baseball trophies, hanging from the freezer handle, and on top of the Christmas tree so far. I think he's going to start moving to other rooms soon. However, Kent asked Jack the other morning, "Why did you guys put Carl on that shelf?"
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