DPP Day 18

Kent and I went to see the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre's performance of The Nutcracker tonight. I think I may have seen it once as a kid, but I barely remember it except for the part where the Christmas tree gets really big. I played the music on the piano and in band and orchestra for years, so that's the part I've been sharing with Kent, and he really loves listening to it year-round, not just at Christmas. The March is his favorite. He can't resist humming or hooing along (i.e., "hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hooooooooooo"). I did a lot of explaining about ballet etiquette beforehand, though, specifically that he couldn't hoo along with the music, and he did very well. He has such great theater manners. We both had a great time and did actually make it through the entire show, even when the second act seemed to be dragging a little. The dancing and spectacle of the whole thing were beautiful, but I was also seeing it from my son's perspective, and the Waltz of the Flowers and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (which come toward the end) seemed rather non-interesting to a three-year-old boy. Still, he stuck it out, and we whispered about things here and there. He mentioned about ten times on the way home that his favorite part was when the Mouse King and The Nutcracker were battling and there was a fire. Also, he loved when they made it snow inside the theater.

All in all, it was a lovely date with my son, who I still sometimes can't believe is old enough to attend the ballet.



I'm so glad you had a great time -- I can't wait to see all of you!
I wish I were there. The Russian Ballet came to our campus to perform this thing and having never seen it, I purchased tickets for Ann and I. But, No Strings Attached was playing the same night, so I gave my Nut Cracker tickets to a co-worker with a 5 year old ballet dancing daughter and they had a great time. So did I.
Funny comment was that her boss saw all the dancers outside the building in costume, smoking cigarettes!
Next year maybe we will see the 'Cracker....
I love it!! So glad you were able to go on a date with your buddy. I am glad to hear that Kent enjoyed it...I think I will take John next year.
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