DPP Day 19

(Yes, I know I'm falling behind on the December Photo Project.)

We decided to have our family's Christmas on Sunday morning, since we're traveling for actual Christmas and don't want to lug a bunch of stuff to and from New Hampshire. We figured a weekend day would be nice, so we could open presents, have a nice breakfast, play with presents, go to church... anyway, it was a marvelous day with only slightly more chaos than I was expecting. Kent and Dean and I had gone Christmas shopping for Jack at the dollar store, and here are the things they (Kent) hand-selected for him. Sandwich cookies, a lighthouse for his desk at work, a snowglobe, and a Spider-Man toothbrush.

Despite my advice to the contrary, Kent was adamant that his dad needed that Spider-Man toothbrush.

I thought it was a pretty great group of gifts.



I like this idea of allowing Kent to choose for you both...good loot, the boy has taste! Love Oma.
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