DPP Day 22

Life with a three-year-old. He's fine. Just insane.

Kent was mad at me, I was out of the room changing Dean's diaper, and so he pushed the green chair into the window. The 137 times I've told him not to push the chair into the window because it might break did apparently not sink in. Maybe now he'll understand. Or maybe not. It's so hard to take your mom's word for something.

The upshot is that we've now had long conversations about broken glass (including talking about stitches and hospital visits, which easily could have been part of today's broken window but thankfully weren't) and financial responsibility. He voluntarily gave up his accumulated change collection of roughly $1 to help pay for the window, after I explained that when we break something, we should help fix it or pay to fix it. I asked him if he thought it would be a good idea for him to help pay for it, he said yes, and then when I asked if he wanted to give part or all of his money, he said all of it. He gave me the change, I thanked him for helping to fix it, and then he asked, "Is it fixed now?" Uhh, no. That'll have to wait until after our trip, so we'll just have a cardboard likeness of a window until then... so it goes.

You might be thinking I sound rather calm about all of this, but I'll remind you that you didn't hear me five hours ago. That's all I'm going to say.

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Sounds like a good learning moment, five hours after! I am glad that no one was injured, but if it were a lower pane, a cat COULD have escaped and been lost...
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