DPP Day 4

Kent couldn't wait to place the star on our humble little tree this afternoon. He really got into the tree thing this year, even though we're using our 3-foot fake tree from college in lieu of a large tree that a baby would enjoy pulling over on himself. It was so fun to share the stories of all the ornaments with Kent as we placed them on the tree — so what if the star went on first instead of last?



Yeah for tree toppers., once their on...the tree is ready...for the rest of the ornaments!
Who says the star has to go on last? I like to start at the top, after I put on the lights. Some years, I haven't actually "finished" decorating the tree. How do you decide what "finished" means, anyway? Isn't there always room for more? (We always seems to have plenty of ornaments left over, though we always says we're going to weed out "next year"!) This year, for sure!!
Heh, Jack is the one who decided we were finished this year. I think he was overwhelmed just looking at this tiny tree laden with colorful ornaments. =) He politely informed us that we were done.
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