DPP Day 6

We went to a get-together at a friend's house today for some fun ornament making. She had beads and pipe cleaners for the older kids to make ornaments with, and paint for the moms to help the babies make their own cardboard ornaments, too. Kent made a charming little wreath that unfortunately did not photograph well in the evening (this is the first day that I got all the way to nighttime and realized I hadn't taken any pictures yet). By borrowing Dean's thumb, I was able to make this sweet little tree ornament. My friend had a sheet of project ideas for using fingerprints, handprints, and footprints, and I latched right on to the tree idea and made it my own (err, Dean's own) with some snow and a star at the top. On the reverse, it says, "Dean's 1st Christmas 2010."



Lovely! Did Dean like the paint?
He loved squishing the paint so much that it was kind of a challenge to get him to stick out his thumb. A few prints in, I was wishing I had done a toe like I did on a tile when he was a newborn!
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