Diane Lane

One of the roads into our neighborhood is Diane Ln. It took me about three days of living here to realize that it sounded just like the actress Diane Lane, who I love. Unfaithful? Disturbing story, but freakin' amazing acting. Under the Tuscan Sun? Cute cute cute. A Walk on the Moon? I heart Viggo Mortensen, and she's good in this one, too. Also, she apparently really likes movies about infidelity...

Anyway, we were eating dinner out tonight, and a song by Guster (one of my husband's favorite bands) came on the restaurant's playlist, prompting Jack to enter a stream-of-consciousness journey that possibly only I could follow.

Jack: Guster also has this song called "Diane" that always gets in my head when I'm driving down Diane Lane... which I've just realized sounds just like the name of the actress!

Me: You *just* realized that? (We've lived here for almost five months.)

Jack (starting to giggle): I probably shouldn't drive down Diane Lane. (We both know he's talking about running her down with his car.)

Both of us dissolve into giggles. Vehicular manslaughter really isn't that funny, but we're low on sleep because our two-year-old turns into a crazy person in the night.  And our kids are next to us in the booth, just calmly eating their dinner.  I imagine that when they're older, they're going to start exchanging eye rolls in moments like these, as if to say, "Oh geez.  They're LAUGHING at each other.  AGAIN."

Me (regaining composure long enough to get out a fake newspaper headline): "Local Actuary Mysteriously Runs Down Famous Actress!"

More giggles.

Me again: I'm going to start all the headlines I make up about you with "Local Actuary".

We are really tired. And completely hilarious, even if you don't think so.

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Why oh why are we voluntarily awake at 11:00 PM?!?!?
The whole thing sounds absolutely normal to me.

Eat. Laugh. Imagine. Enjoy. Create. Repeat.

Been doing it all my life.
[I cannot read that anti-robot security stuff - but have you ever tried that speaker icon? Nuts!]
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